The TEDx experience is about bringing big ideas to your local community to spark connection and deep conversation. A vibrant mixture of online and live content – both TED Talks videos and in-person talks – captures the essence of a TEDx event. We think it’s a pretty great time.



But when you’re an organizer, the experience is also about big expectations. That’s why we think it’s important to get your feet wet before you dive in. Here are the key things you’ll need to review and decide before you apply for a license.



What exactly is a TEDx event? 到底什么是TEDx活动?

You should have a good grasp on what a TEDx event entails (and what it doesn’t).



Know your responsibilities 了解你的责任

It’s important you know what our expectations are before you start.



Review and accept the rules 审读和接受规则

You’ll be referring to the TEDx rules often while you’re organizing your event, so it’s important to us that you get a head start. In fact, you’re required to read them before you apply.